Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thanks Fashion Clicks :)


thanks for the review fashion clicks
please visit them everyone
they are great :)

Quick update :)





all items are free size.
fit S - L


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello Favourite People.

hello pretty people. i am very sorry for the very lack of update.
im sorry for ignoring this blog for so long time.
ive been so busy with college work and other important thing.
im trying to manage my scheduled so that i can give good services
for all of you and at the same time being able to study hard.

i promise that starting next week, i will upload new items
and i will change a bit the pictures design. mean more simple pictures.

im sorry i cant provide handmade bag anymore.
it is because im so crazy busy and im not be able to sew & painting.

ramadhan will start soon and also raya. i will try to give all of you
more choice of clothing and more choice of hijab.
oh for the hijab/shawl you can visit my other blogshop.


thanks for understand my situation and please keep support me.

lot of love <3>

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